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Emporio International



Emporio International is a global company that provides sustainable solutions to the world in the field of renewable energy and does trading of renewable products and efficient technology and machinery/equipments. We work closely with our customers/partners to understand their requirements and offer them the best services and solutions through our global network with private companies and NGO's.


Apart from the above we also work as a bridge between  service providers/sellers and customers and provide them an efficient platform to work in India.



Ash vacuum cleaner

PVC regrind




The company focuses on the following areas:

- Ensuring sustainability of renewable energy based DDG projects

Emporio International works with NGO partners for long term sustainability of the RE based rural electrification projects. We identify the gaps between villagers/operators  & technology and fulfill the gaps through training and capacity building of the villagers/ operators. We understand the need of villagers/operators under such projects. We also generate operation manuals for DDG projects.


- Prefeasibility study, DPR preparation and Implementation/restoration of RE plants (Biomass, Biogas, Solar PV and solar thermal, Hydro)

Emporio International having a very strong team of technical people/engineers and provides overall services from the prefeasibility study  to technology operations. 


- Identification of Technology suppliers

Emporio International deal with the various renewable technology suppliers in India, who provides the best quality at the cheapest price.


- Biomass Assessment

Emporio International also does the biomass study.


- Energy audit

Emporio International is has a strong team of technically qualified professionals and Certified Energy Auditors who work very efficiently to save your electricity as well as money.